Don't Stop Planning Your Wedding: A Guide to Navigating COVID-19

Anyone else longing for the days when the craziest last-minute weddings changes were unexpected plus-ones or unwelcome shifts in the weather? I’m with you. Today, so many couples are dealing with crises of a much larger scale as they navigate the surreal world of wedding planning during COVID-19.

From postponing to scaling back to switching venues entirely, the changes precipitated by coronavirus run the gamut. The trickiest part? Knowing how to navigate all of the shifts while still keeping your party people in the loop. Whether you’ve already sent out save the dates or wedding invitations—or you were just about to send your dream design to print but are now aren't so sure, the frustration surrounding wedding planning during COVID-19 is real. But regardless of which wedding invitation woes you’re worried about, we’ve got you covered. Today, I’m sharing our top tips for navigating invitations, save the dates, and major shifts in your wedding plans. You’ve got a celebration to plan for—read on and let’s do this thing!

1. How to notify guests of a change of date or venue

If you’ve already sent out wedding invitations or save the dates, I recommend sending an updated save the date, or “change the date” as the case may be, to notify guests of your new wedding plans. Whether your date or venue—or both—have changed, it’s a good idea to include a small enclosure card with the invitation you're already printed (this saves you from having to reprint your entire suite). Finally, please, please, please make sure you follow up with an email or phone call. Mailing cards and making phone calls are not a one or the other option. Seriously, show your best manners.

2. How to notify guests that you’ve scaled back your event

Whether it’s plans or people, COVID-19 has couples shuffling to make changes to their dream day in a number of ways. If you've made the painful decision to trim your guest list, you’ll need to notify guests who’ve been dropped from the list why you had to take this step. Be honest and gently let them know that you have had to make some difficult decisions in order to still get married while ensuring the safety of your loved ones. One of our recent couples mailed a lovely card to guests who would no longer be invited explaining the situation. They both signed the card which made it more personal and heartfelt.

BiBA TIP: I love the idea of streaming your ceremony. It’s a really great way to include everyone from your original guest list. (And if you do, consider sending guests who will be tuning in a set of letterpress coasters to use when they are raising a glass!). Research videographers in your town to find one who can make this a lovely experience.

3. What to do if you haven’t printed your invitations yet

So you had the perfect design in the making, and then COVID-19 puts a hold on all the pretty paper. What to do? Start by talking to your printer about turnaround times and their project load. Ask for the last possible date to hit print to give yourself time to make decisions and changes before you put ink to paper. If your wedding is more than a few months out and you’re worried about changes that might need to be made, perhaps print a matching fill-in-the-blank information card with your invitation suite. That way, you have something in include with the invitation if necessary.

My best advice? Yoga breaths. And maybe a libation (or two). Above all, don’t stop feeling excited about your wedding! And know that your wedding vendors are as excited and will do everything they can to help you bring it all to life.


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