Biba is sophistication and sass, tradition and boundary pushing, edge painting in a rainbow of color, watercolor with gold foil, the dreamiest paper. And love for a hundred year-old press.

We dream in ink colors. We crave the feel of paper on our fingertips. We wholeheartedly believe in preserving the art of letterpress printing—one card designed by one person, plate made and paper cut with precision by another, the most lush of paper individually fed by hand into an antique press by one master craftsperson, envelopes lined by another, and then all lovingly packaged by yet another.

We’ve been around for over 20 years now, in Richmond VA the whole time. And in that time, we’ve never strayed from our passion—the design and letterpress printing of distinctive, custom-made social stationery. This is what we do because we love to do it. Our hope is that people will want to use, connect with, share, collect and be inspired by all that we design and make.

We Heart letterpress

Letterpress is special. It’s where letters and images are inked and pressed into paper, leaving the ability to feel each letter on a page. The result is a high quality, handcrafted product that wants your hands all over it. Techniques like watercolor, foil stamping and edge painting are often applied for added effect. Letterpresses are no longer manufactured. Biba operates four presses that date between 1912 and 1964. Yes, we have a press built the year the Titanic sunk and one that is just now getting it’s AARP card.

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